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You are probably planning for the summer busy season. At Arival, we thought it would be valuable to know what types of Tours, Activities & Attractions travelers are planning for their summer trips. So we conducted a consumer pulse survey (500 U.S. adults planning a trip this summer) to help give you an edge going into what for many of you is the all-important busy season. Here are the results.

Travelers have big summer plans. More than half (57%) are planning at least two trips and the vast majority plan to experience some kind of Tour, Activity & Attraction. Travelers are nearly equally interested in activities and tours. Most popular are active excursions (organized hiking, biking, water activities, zip-lining, etc.) followed by sightseeing tours of all types. One in three (34%) plans to attend a museum, zoo or aquarium, and 31% will visit an amusement or adventure park.

Ticketed events also figure prominently in travelers’ plans. One in four plans to attend a concert or theater, while 17% will attend a sporting event on a trip. We expect this figure to rise in the fall and winter as other professional sporting seasons start up.

Amusement Parks, Sports Appeal to Younger Travelers

Summer travelers of all ages plan to take tours, excursions and visit museums and attractions, but there are two activity segments that clearly appeal to the younger set. A significantly higher percentage of younger travelers plan to visit amusement and adventure parks and attend professional sporting events (see the figure below). The contrast is most pronounced among 18-24-year-olds, more than half of whom plan to visit an amusement park this summer when traveling. Still, more than one in three travelers between the ages of 25 and 54 will visit amusement parks, confirming that parks clearly serve families as well as young adult travelers on their summer vacations.

Look for more Arival Insights as we release the full results from our Summer Travel Survey in the coming weeks.

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