October 2018       Las Vegas

Theater General Sessions

The Arival Theater assembled some of the biggest brands and brightest minds from the world of tours, activities, and attractions, and featured visionary talks on key trends that matter to your business. Attendees learned what travelers of tomorrow are looking for, which innovations of today are shaping our future, how to capitalize on the mobile, what’s next for Google, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, Facebook, and what it all means for your business.

Online Distribution’s Present and Future

Online travel agencies have long been big for flights and hotels. Now they have set their sights on activities. Hear from some of the world’s largest online sellers.

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Oh Yeah, They Sell Too

There are many ways for travelers to find and book things to do. This session features a series of essential talks on points of sale that don’t get much attention – but should.

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The Sharing Economy and Tours & Activities

The big tourism buzzword of the past few years has been “travel like a local,” but will the sharing economy reinvent tours and activities, or is this a flash in the pan? If travelers are seeking more authentic, “local” experiences, how can tour and activity providers be more “local”?

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Google and In-Destination Experiences

Google’s managing director for travel Rob Torres discusses how the search giant views tours, activities and attractions, how travelers search in destination, and what activity providers need to know to capture their share.

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Working With Your DMO

Your DMO – or destination marketing organization – plays a vital role in attracting travelers to your destination and helping them decide what do to. Learn how to build business by partnering with your DMO.

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Big Brands

Hear from some of the biggest names in tours and attractions on the role and opportunity of brands in the in-destination experience and what the future holds.

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Big Voices

A series of short talks on how different small operators and attractions broke out, created new experiences, and authored their own extraordinary stories.

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Big Visions

Everybody starts somewhere. At Arival, we love startups and innovation. So we have assembled some of the most interesting startups targeting the world of tours and activities, and industry experts who are going to judge them live, on stage. Come hear them give their short pitch and decide for yourself who’s most innovative – and maybe become inspired to innovate yourself!

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