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 Bravo Arival! Finally an industry conference dedicated specifically to the needs and wants of the tours and activities sector! The content was so relevant and the cost of the conference was accessible enough to allow a last minute add on. Can’t wait for next year’s conference!

Michelle Israel

San Diego Zoo

 Arival is definitely the rise of a Sleeping Giant, the Activities and Tours Industry. Great opportunity lo learn from the best in the area. 

Luiz Mendez

Atlantis Submarine Conzumel

Well done! The second Arival was a smashing success. Content was great, a wonderful set of attendees and most importantly, you are really fostering a sense of community in our industry/sector. It was equal parts informational, networking and industry rally and I left feeling great about the time I spent there and our industry over all. If this was only your sophomore effort, I cannot wait to see what comes next! 

Jason Hackett

Brier Katama

 This is the most impactful tradeshow in the industry for our business. Everyone is genuinely interested to learn and receptive to meeting with you. Definitely the in-destination event!

Joshua Pacheco

Peek Pro

 I think Douglas does a stellar job! What a gift he has for being efficient and professional up there on stage with his interviews.

Renee ReBell

Gourmet Food & Wine Tours

Meeting all kind of tour operators from small ones to big ones and realise that we all share the same challenges to find a way all together to get stronger. 

Irene Chimenti

Italy on a Budget Tours

Great event, great people, great learning. 

Kristhian Marinez

Ktravel / Hoteles Rio

 That the activities sector is now it’s own vertical is very exciting. The caliber of tour operators and suppliers present was excellent and I started a lot of new relationships.

Sue Warnke


 This is the most important event for our industry. It defined us and put us all together in one place. It is an unique opportunity for tour companies to learn, share and connect.

Alexandra Mejia

Runners Adventures

 Great format, friendly crowd, well produced. Well done to all on the team – we left Arival with lots of new business opportunities and new friends in the industry.

Anders Liljeqvist


 Thank you for making ARIVAL happen ! It is a GREAT initiative ! Love you guys and see you next time!

Mathieu Poujade

Moana Adventure Tours

 I felt I was at the core of my specific industry. I spoke the same language as everyone around me. It was great to see the megatrends happening in the spot and being able to feel where the industry is going and what the driving forces are.

Rodrigo Atuesta

Impulse Travel

 The attraction sales and marketing world is competitive and confusing. It was worth my time and energy to attend and hear first hand what sales and marketing tools are available and how attractions evaluate sales channels. I’ll use this information to help Destination DC members maximize our benefits and emphasize how a Destination Marketing Organization fits into a business’ sales and marketing mix.

Claire Carlin

Destination DC

 Arival is a necessary first step to unite the tours and attractions industry and shine the spotlight on what really matters about travel, the moments, memories and experiences!

Chandra Bertsch

Holo Holo Charters

If you’re in the Tours and Activities space you MUST attend this conference, it’s as simple as that. 

Ben Holz

Activity Maui

 Everything was excellent, but I really enjoyed the theater sessions the most. The OTA’s were on the spot and it was great!

Catherine Wilhoit

Bulldog Tours

 I learned so much that I am implementing right away. It really energized me to come back to work.

Kimmie Carlos

Royal Carriages

 Fantastic job, really enjoyed being a part of Arival and look forward to further opportunities in the future. What an incredible community to be part of!

Ellyette Singleton

EzTix Event Ticketing

 THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I really hope, in the next Arival, to meet you in person and tell you Arival change my life and the company that I work for. Until next Arival!

Gilberto Barrón López

Grupo MECA

 I loved being able to meet new people in the industry and hear thoughts and ideas of individuals with companies on all different scales of growth.

Manpreet Singh

The RoviSys Company

The decision makers and creative minds in the room. They were the people that you needed to meet with, unlike some other events where you end up meeting with a hotel product manager instead of an activities PM. And everyone was very excited to meet and talk about business. I was able to set up meetings with everyone I had on my list of “must see” companies, and since everyone was so responsive to our requests and engaged, I looked like a total rockstar to my bosses who were there! 

Allison French

Broadway Inbound

 I learned a lot about trends in the marketplace and all about the new and developing technology. It was a great experience.

Carolyn Bates

WESTCOAST Sightseeing

 Meeting like-minded businesses. Sharing of experiences, growth pains, and successes! It was nice to know that there are others what went or are going through the same process. You folks are fantastic! Mahalo!!

Jona Sing

Makani Catamaran

 Learning about setting prices, metrics in marketing and seeing the number of people who are operating profitable tour businesses.

Lisa Sink

EcoBrew Tours

 Arival was a well-planned, worthwhile conference with opportunities to learn global travel industry trends, attend hands-on workshops, meet industry professionals, network and have some fun! I left the conference excited about my business and ready to implement all the new ideas/services generated at Arival. I look forward to attending again in the future!

Mia Steiger

Sonoma Food Tour

 It was the best conference I’ve ever been to. I learned so many concrete things to help grow my business and I’m very impressed at how well balanced the learning was with so many really fun networking activites. I was also really impressed with how hard-hitting the questions during the theater sessions were. I felt like the panelists were asked multiple times to give clarity to their answers from the perspective of how it affected us as suppliers. Great job!

Torin Kexel

The Flying Bike

 Arival conference is music for my ears. I know our market is fragmented and we are all busy, so meeting people that experience the passion, frustrations and success like I do is awesome.

Luciano Bullorsky


Arival was a must attend attractions-based show! The overall content and lineup was specific and unique- cant find it anywhere else! Looking forward to seeing this show grow! 

Tara Hippensteel

Hard Rock International

 Everything was excellent, but I really enjoyed the theater sessions the most. The OTA’s were on the spot and it was great!

Peter Muttitt

The Leisure Pass Group

 Verlocal made tentative partnerships with Alibaba and Cox and Kings (India). We also became friends with one of Groupon’s top Account Executives who shares some very useful tips with us that we will likely implement!

Luis Gil


 Arival has become an event that is not only good for business but good for me personally. Beyond the incredible education and industry insight I receive, I’ve forged friendships through the last two Arival events. The connections made are deeper because we have the ability to meet in real life for an event made just for us.

Dustin Hoyman

Outdoor Adventure Marketing

 Arival has become an event that is not only good for business but good for me personally. Beyond the incredible education and industry insight I receive, I’ve forged friendships through the last two Arival events. The connections made are deeper because we have the ability to meet in real life for an event made just for us.

Zena Batocchi

Gray Line Rome

 I left Arival knowing that my conference and time spent will already realize a positive ROI over the course of the next year. I left with connections I would not have had otherwise, closer relationships with other food tour operators and four pages of actionable to-dos. I can’t wait to get to work!

Lauren McCabe Herpich

Local Food Adventures

 Great event for any tour supplier. All about strengthening the “in-destination” community and understanding the opportunities and challenges ahead. One-of-a-kind chance to learn from the big names in the industry as well as successful small local operators. Also an excellent way to be up-the-speed with the multiple technological solutions for our industry available on the market.

Martha Sanquiz

Runners Adventures

 First time. I loved it and got a lot out of it. especially the theater sessions and the social media seminars as well as the night time parties! 

Kathy Gilmour

Lazy Dog Adventures

 Arival is hands down the best tourism focused event I have attended. So much so, I see no point in attending WTM or ITB as Arival is now my go-to event. Well organised, focused on the sector that interests me the most and has helped generate many leads for my business. Outstanding work guys!

Chris Torres

Tourism Marketing Agency

 The highlight for Arival 2018 was the continued focus on our tour and activity space. The targeted focus and community approach to our space is very encouraging. I felt that the networking opportunities were as good as any other conference, and the overall organization was top notch. The quality of the speakers brings added credibility to the conference.

Jack Louis

Fat Tire Tours

 Meetings and discussions with OTA and software partners.Thank you for the amazing opportunity to actually connect with people from big OTAs.

Daisuke Tao

Tourism Designers Co, Ltd.

Launch Partners

Arival Partners