28 - 31 October 2019  Orlando, Florida

Lee McCabe

VP at Alibaba Group 

Lee McCabe is Vice President at Alibaba Group. McCabe works closely with all industry verticals to set the course for how to best utilize Alibaba Group’s ecosystem of brands and services. An expert on the Chinese consumer and ecommerce, McCabe helps U.S. companies understand and maximize the massive opportunity in the Chinese market.

McCabe has built his career at some of the world’s most influential technology companies including Facebook, ebay, and Expedia. He was the first Global Head of Travel at Facebook, responsible for tailoring the colossal social network and media company’s relationships with the travel industry. At Expedia, McCabe held various market management positions, overseeing regions from APAC to North America. McCabe holds an MBA from the Warwick Business School in business management and an MA from Sheffield Hallam University in media.

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