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Arival Online is a series of live online events to help creators and sellers of tours, activities, and attractions come together, learn, and better their business for the future.


Improving the Feedback Loop of Tour Reviews

Improving the Feedback Loop of Tour Reviews

05/11/2020 10:00 am EST

Many companies are making mistakes in processing tour feedback. This is directly impacting the reputation and referrals of tour operators and OTAs. In today’s event, we look at how to optimize your feedback loop and grow your business. Reviews are THE seeds to...

4 Strategies to Increase Direct Bookings

4 Strategies to Increase Direct Bookings

04/23/2020 11:00 am EST

Prepare for the Rebound: 4 Strategies to Increase Direct Bookings After a Crisis We know travel will return, and the operators that use this downtime to learn and improve their online presence will rebound stronger than before. This webinar will focus on strategies...

Workshop: Pricing & Marketing in a Downturn

Workshop: Pricing & Marketing in a Downturn

03/19/2020 4:00 pm CET

Presenter: Lukas Hempel, Managing Director, bookingkit How do you price, market and push your products amid a global downturn in travel demand? When should you discount? What messaging and promotions should you use? This workshop walks through best practices and key...

Profit Optimization for Tours & Activities

Profit Optimization for Tours & Activities

03/18/2020 4:00 pm CET

Presenter: Iwona Wojcik, Global Revenue & Performance Manager, Walks In times like these, having a thorough understanding of your financial performance is critical, especially for individual tours, and even individual departures. This workshop will review...

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“Huge congrats Douglas and Team - successful pivot and making it work even in these times. Hope you are all healthy and safe!"

Sher Khan, Industry Leader, Austria at Google


“I attended several of these online events and I can say the experience was excellent. The quality of speakers and the relevance of the topics made the discussions even richer. Great job Arival team"

Ivan Ilijasic, CEO at Orioly


“The events have been instrumental in bringing the whole travel community together. There has been something for everyone from tour operators to OTA employees to channel managers. Thank you!"

Bhavna Mittal, Destination Manager; GetYourGuide

Arival Orlando Attendees Tell Us What They Thought of the Event (And Major Takeaways)

Tour operators react and share their experience from ARIVAL Orlando 2019. Tourpreneur Host Shane Whaley asked 14 Arival attendees what they thought of the Arival Orlando event and what were some of the major learnings. [email protected] Presented by Checkfront. Tune in for espresso shot style interviews!



The Story of Secret Food Tours with Linda Denbrock

L10 minutes with Linda Denbrock of Secret Food Tours.Secret Food Tours offers delicious food tours in over 55 cities in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Linda sat down with Tourpreneur Podcast Host Shane Whaley and revealed the mission of Secret Food Tours including how they strive to deliver an authentic, immersive experience for their food tour guests plus how they market their tours to travelers.

Roundtable: OTAs & What’s Next in Distribution

Distribution dynamics in tours, activities and attractions are rapidly changing. Online travel agencies (OTAs) are growing fast, raising lots of capital, acquiring reservation systems and driving all sorts of innovations. This poses many important questions to operators of all sizes and segments. This roundtable of OTA leaders and operators will debate them all—and answer tough audience questions.

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