October 28-31, 2019     Orlando, Florida

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Check out the Workshops from Arival 2018 in Las Vegas to give you an idea of what to expect.


Small Operator, Big World: Growth Hacking for Small Companies

You have a successful activities business. Now it’s time to grow. In this session you will build a framework for evaluating all of your options in reservations, ticketing, digital marketing, social media and working with online distribution partners like Viator, Expedia, GetYourGuide, Tiqets and more. The time has come to implement killer strategies to take your operation to the next level.

Who’s it for: Small to medium-sized operators of tours, activities and attractions

Workshop Leader:
Jason Hackett, CEO and Founder, Brier Katama

Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Management for Tours, Activities & Attractions

Dynamic pricing and yield management – making frequent pricing changes to optimize revenue and bookings – have been a mainstay of other travel sectors for years. Now, it’s time for tours, activities and attractions. This workshop – geared for ticketed attractions as well as larger tour and activity operators – walks through the fundamentals of revenue management and next steps for implementing this in your own business.

Who’s it for: Larger tour and attraction operators

Workshop Leader:
Evan Reece, Co-founder and CEO, LIftopia 

Reaching Chinese & Asian Travelers

We’ve been hearing it for years. It’s the fastest growing outbound tourism market. Travelers from China and the broader Asian markets are flooding destinations worldwide. Do you have your share of this rapidly growing pie? Is your product Chinese-traveler friendly? In this workshop, dive into key trends shaping the outbounds markets for China and Asia. Learn how to reach them, how to win them, and how to delight them.

Workshop Leaders:
Matt Grayson, President, Americas, Dragon Trail Interactive
Blanca Menchaca, Co-Founder & COO, BeMyGuest

Working with OTAs (so That It Works for You)

Online travel agencies (OTAs) and other resellers of tours and tickets are a growing source of bookings for many tour, activity and attraction operators. But there are so many, and so many different terms and conditions. This workshop will present the essentials on how to work with OTAs profitably, help you choose the best distribution partners, develop key benchmarks for evaluating commissions and the financial impact to your business, and walk through the nuts and bolts of key terms, conditions and processes.

Workshop Leaders:
Jason Hackett, CEO and Founder, Brier Katama
Ken Frohling, former VP Viator, Tiqets

The Direct Marketing Manifesto

In tours, activities and attractions, with so many different types of businesses and markets, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to marketing, digital and distribution. This workshop will walk through the essential questions each tour and activity operator must address as they map out their strategy to drive growth and acquire new customers. This workshop will provide overviews of key marketing channels and strategies, from Google and Instagram to phone sales, the hotel concierge and more, discuss the key considerations for various types of tour and activity businesses, and provide a roadmap for getting the most out of your three days at Arival.

Workshop Leader:
Max Valverde, President & COO, FareHarbor

Going Local: Best Practices for Reaching Locals – and Travelers Who’ve Already Arrived

A ton of tour, activity and attraction purchases are made last minute and in market. Arival research indicates that three in four travelers say they book at least some of their activities “when they get there.” So how do you reach them? How do they find you? And oh yeah, what about all those people who already live in your market? This workshop from leading digital destination marketing agency Miles Partnership walks through the essential best practices – including paid, owned and shared digital media but also offline channels – for finding and converting that all-important in-destination decision-maker.

Workshop Leader:
Gray Lawry, VP, Strategy & Insights, Miles Partnership

Website & Digital Marketing

Search Essentials (SEO) for Tour & Activity Operators

It’s how most travelers start planning their trip – search on Google. A business’ ranking in search results can make all the difference. So get ready for a session that will go long and deep on the fundamentals of SEO (search engine optimization) and leave you what an essential list of best practices. This workshop will address key changes in Google’s search algorithm, discuss the importance of Google Search Console and Business Listings, present important tips to improve your website ranking on SERP (search engine result pages), and review how operators should take a mobile-first approach to search.

Workshop Leader:
Casey Emanuel, Head of SEO, TRK Creative

Hacking AdWords

Google continues to be a critical source of local discovery for travelers, but competing for keywords is only getting tougher – and pricier – as larger online travel companies become more aggressive. This workshop, led by an ex-Googler now focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve success on AdWords, will help you crack the keyword code, find your AdWord niche and develop the optimal spending model to capture new customers from search.

Who’s it for: Companies with active Google keyword campaigns, suggested with $1K monthly spend (or getting there)

Workshop Leader:
Todd Saunders, CEO, AdHawk

Metrics = Money: Simplifying the Mystery of Marketing Metrics for Massive Tour Growth

The saying goes, “Half of my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.” The rise of digital in today’s marketing landscape has create new ways for businesses of all sizes to track all of their marketing and advertising, but are you doing everything you can. This workshop from the team at Outdoor Adventure Marketing will walk you through the essentials marketing measurement, covering essential tracking tactics and tools for search, social, display, off-line advertising and more. Learn how to track where each inbound click and call comes from (yes, tie inbound phone calls to your marketing) and figure out to the dollar which of your marketing works best.

Workshop Leader:
Dustin Hoyman, Marketing Adventurist, Outdoor Adventure Marketing

Advanced Website Optimization: What to Do When You’ve Got the Basics Down

You’ve got a good working site. It’s mobile responsive with a book now button above the fold. Now what? This workshop will walk you through what’s next in web design trends, explore advanced optimization techniques with tools such as Hotjar, Ahrefs, Semrush and Useproof, and get your business on the path to website perfection.

Note: Attendees should already offer online booking via website (including mobile)

Workshop Leader:
Matthew Newton, Founder, Tourism Tiger & Director of Marketing, Peek

Maximize Your Revenue with Every Customer

Marketing to your customer doesn’t end once they’ve booked. In fact, it’s only just getting started. From upsells and cross-sells to on-site merchandise, gift cards, and customer re-marketing, there are many ways tour and activity operators create deeper customer relationships, more repeat visitation and more revenue per booking. This workshop will walk through key customer-engagement hacks to delight your guests and take your direct marketing to a whole new level.

Who’s it for: Tour, activity and attraction operators that sell experiences with set departure times.

Workshop Leader:
Delamon Rego, COO, Tomis Tech

Social Media & Customer Reviews

Seven Tactics to Start Killing It on Instagram

OK, you’re on Instagram. You’ve got great photos. Now what? More than ever, travelers share their moments in trip, and every experience has to be “Instagrammable.” This workshop goes long on the very visual world of mobile social media. Learn the essentials of creating and maintaining an engaged following, how to find success with Instagram advertising and geofilters, and influence the millions of travelers turning to the social platform to plan their next trip.

Note: Attendees should have an active Instagram account for your business

Workshop Leader:
Jody Farrar, Social Savant

Facebook Deep Dive

If you use Facebook as a business on a regular basis you know this feeling: just as you have figured out how to maximize organic reach, how to lower your CPA for paid social and how to produce content in new formats, Facebook moves the goal posts and changes all the things you worked so hard to figure out. As social media is constantly shifting, marketers need to understand the underlying forces that drive the changes so they can stay ahead. This session explores the best tactics for content, paid media and social insights within the entire Facebook eco-system (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger).

Note: Attendees should have an active Facebook business page and experience with organic and advertising campaigns

Workshop Leader:
Martin Stoll, CEO, Sparkloft Media

Ranking on TripAdvisor

Like it or not, more travelers visit TripAdvisor than any other website when planning their trip. So ranking high matters. Learn how to master the fine art and science of ranking high on the travel planning site that matters most.

Workshop Leader:
Chris Torres, Director, Tourism Marketing Agency

Help with Yelp: Using Online Review Sites to Grow Your Business

More than nine in 10 consumers turn to review sites to choose a local experience or business. You’ve probably seen your business on review sites like Yelp, but have you optimized your pages? This session will walk you through how you can use Yelp for Business Owners to put your best foot forward, tell the story of your tour, activity or attraction, and drive more customers to your door.

Workshop Leader:
John Carroll, Brand Evangelist, Yelp


Recruit and Train Extraordinary Tour Leaders

Your amazing experiences depend on cultivating amazing people to deliver them. This workshop with will walk you through the essentials of creating extraordinary tour leaders. Write the perfect job description, recruit your dream employees, and avoid the common mistakes companies make when mentoring staff.

Who’s it for: Tour operators and activities and attractions that also operate tours

Workshop Leader:
Kelsey Tonner, Founder, Be a Better Guide

Tour Accounting Strategies: Budgeting & Pricing for Tour Profitability

Many tour companies are not as profitable as they would like to be. After all, when you’re out on tour, are you thinking about your cost accounting? How much money are you leaving on the table? Getting a firm handle on the finances of your tour, before and after, doesn’t have to be hard. This workshop from tour accounting specialist Polymath provides hands-on exercises and easy-to-use tools that can help you optimize your tour and make more money.

Who’s it for: Tour operators and activities and attractions that also operate tours

Workshop Leader:
Ingrid Edstrom, Priestess of Profits, Polymath

Get Your Pricing (and Profits) Right

Pricing your tour or activity is critical to attracting the right audience and ensuring you are profitable in a highly competitive landscape.  But having the best price isn’t necessarily the lowest price, it’s about understanding the psychology of your customers. This workshop dives into pricing strategies and key pricing techniques that will help you develop the best pricing for your tour or activity taking into account the competition, customers, fixed and variable costs, marketing, and distribution.

Workshop Leader:
Stephen Joyce, CEO, Rezgo

How to Choose Your Tech

There has been a flowering of new tech coming into our sector. This is great for us, with more choices than ever. But with dozens of systems out there, which one should you choose? What features are really most important? So back by popular demand, this workshop will help you build a plan for evaluating and implementing a technology platform. Develop a process to identify what matters most to you, how you should short-list and evaluate new systems and the do’s and don’ts of the implementation process.

Who’s it for:  Small and medium-sized tour and activity operators considering new – or a change in – their reservation system tech

Workshop Leaders:
Christian Watts, CEO, City Sightseeing San Francisco
Todd Kersey, CEO & Founder, iOutdoor Adventures

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