Jen O’Twomney, Vice President, Expedia Local Expert

Jen O’Twomney leads Expedia’s Local Expert (LX) business which provides travelers with access to ground transportation, events, activities, tours, attractions, and other services in destinations around the world.  The team manages a global supply portfolio of destination services and makes that portfolio available for booking through various points of sale, including the websites of Expedia, Inc. and its affiliates, as well as Expedia Local Expert concierge desks in many markets.

Jen has been an avid user of Expedia Local Expert activities around the world since joining Expedia in 2013. What’s most exciting to her about this business is it is the primary reason people travel. She notes that bringing amazing experiences to people is extremely satisfying because it’s what lifetime memories are made of.

Jen’s career has taken a circuitous route through business and technology roles in financial services, online retail, media, and consulting. Experience includes sales and sales management strategy, product development, marketing, communications, process re-engineering, customer relationship management, technology development, and finance. These days, she is most passionate about building high performing teams that work hard on interesting problems while achieving their personal and professional goals.

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