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Arival IdeaHub

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Do you have a great story, idea or tip for operators? Bring it to IdeaHub, our video studio at the Arival Orlando networking lounge. We’ll record you on video and share it to the Arival audience and the in-destination industry.


Arival IdeaHub: What You Need to Know

New at Arival Orlando is IdeaHub, an opportunity for you to share your story and great ideas with the Arival audience and the in-destination industry. This is an opportunity for you to help other operators and expose your brand and business to the in-destination industry, travel and tourism’s third largest sector.


Presented by Rezgo, IdeaHub is a video studio in the Arival networking lounge. There is no cost to operators. Simply sign up for one of 30 time slots, and prepare a short story or talk (we suggest no longer three minutes) of your idea.


We will record and edit it, send you a copy, and together with Rezgo share your idea across our marketing channels with tour, activity and attraction operators around the world.


If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]


To schedule a slot, please complete this form.

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