October 28 – 31, 2019    Orlando, FL

Insights: Your Guide to In-Destination Greatness

VIDEO: Tours and activities from two perspectives

We all know the widely-used phrases - "hottest sector in the industry", "ripe for growth", "fragmented but fixable", etc. Yes, tours and activities has captured the headlines in the last 12 months due to a number of factors. First of all have been large levels of...

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Should Our Conference Have a Theme?

It’s a pretty common practice. Lots of conferences have themes. Some good, some terrible. We’re in our second year of Arival, our new conference for the Tours, Activities & Attractions sector of travel and tourism. Should we introduce an annual theme for Arival?...

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Let’s Not Sweat the Tech Acquisitions

What does - and does not - matter about the recent tech M&A in Tours, Activities & Attractions Last week was a big one for Tours, Activities & Attractions tech, and our industry has been all abuzz. But is it the game-changer everybody has been waiting for?...

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Expedia Adds Event Tickets

Expedia has added Event Tickets to its activities and attractions offering, a new service that brings tickets for more than 95,000 concerts and theatre and sporting events to ensure travelers book their next trip all in one place. The service appears open to US...

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