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Arival Dubai @ ATM

19 April 2020

Digital, distribution and innovation are transforming travel’s third-largest and fastest-growing sector: tours, activities, attractions and experiences. In this special forum on Sunday, 19 April 2020 from 12:00-17:45 at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM), Arival presents a forum dedicated to creators and sellers of tours, activities, and attractions in the Middle East.

Arival Dubai @ ATM
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The Program

The Arival [email protected] program assembles the in-destination industry’s brightest minds and most provocative voices to explore and debate the essential themes shaping tours, activities, attractions, events, and experiences across the Middle East.

Our Promise: No sales pitches. Just essential insights and real conversations on the trends and topics that matter most to your business.

The Best Part of Travel: Arabia’s Arival (keynote)

Douglas Quinby, Co-founder & CEO, Arival

Our industry—tours, activities, attractions, events, experiences—is not just the third-largest part of travel, it’s why people travel in the first place. Now is the time to make The Best Part of Travel even better. Douglas Quinby shares exclusive Arival research as he sets the stage for the Middle East’s first forum devoted to advancing our industry and growing your business.

Ask Me Anything: Zeina Dagher, CEO, Emaar Entertainment (interview)

Interviewer: Douglas Quinby, Arival

This one-time intern rose to become the CEO of the leisure attractions division of one of the U.A.E.’s leading property development firms. Responsible for strategy of some of the Emirates’ top attractions, including the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, KidZania and Burj Khalifa, Ms. Dagher will share where attraction development, distribution and guest experience is headed for 2020 and beyond.

OTAs, Tech & What’s Next (roundtable)

  • Alaa Alkhatib, Managing Director, priohub
  • Mathis Boldt, VP Global Sales & Supply, GetYourGuide
  • Essam Salah, Co-founder & CEO, Oceanair Travels
  • Moderator: Bruce Rosard, Co-founder & COO, Arival

Digital, distribution and venture-backed online platforms are ushering in dramatic change, from how travelers plan and book to how operators and distributors connect. This session will explore the changes afoot amid the rise of online travel agencies (OTAs) and what this means for tour and attraction operators across the region.

What Your Customers Want: Traveler Trends 

Presenters to be announced

Traveler trends are changing rapidly and more travelers plan and book things to do online, on their phones, and on the go. This presentation presents research on the essential traveler trends you need to understand for 2020 and beyond. 

Safari Reimagined (Sustainably) (keynote)

Adam McEwan, Managing Director, Platinum Heritage

It’s the iconic tourist experience in the Middle East—the desert safari. But the rapid rise of global travel demand is compelling our industry to reconceive our experiences for a sustainable future. In this talk, tour operator veteran Adam McEwan shares his story on building a safari business that puts sustainability first, and how responsible practices can advance profit as well as purpose for every experience provider.

Operator Story: Meet the Locals (keynote)

Khadija Behzad, Founder, Meet the Locals

The story of Dubai’s rise as a global hub of commerce and tourism is extraordinary, but there is much more than cosmopolitan modernity. This Emirati entrepreneur wants to show visitors a different side of Dubai, and help them connect with the local people and culture of the U.A.E.

The Operator of the Future (roundtable)

  • Toby Adams, Managing Director, The Yellow Boats
  • Samir Mehta, General Manager at Arabian Adventures & Gulf Ventures
  • Other speakers to be announced

From the growth of online platforms and overtourism to the changing traveler demands for digital and new experiences, the in-destination industry faces change as never before. This roundtable features leading tour and attraction operators and distributors from across the region and around the world on how to adapt to what’s ahead.

More sessions and speakers to be announced.

Arival Dubai @ ATM…

Arival [email protected] will feature its signature programming on current and future trends in the in-destination industry to help operators of tours and attractions stay ahead of key trends and grow their businesses.


About Arival

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Mathis Boldt

Mathis Boldt

VP Global Sales & Supply, GetYourGuide

Douglas Quinby

Douglas Quinby

Co-founder & CEO, Arival

Bruce Rosard

Bruce Rosard

Co-founder & COO, Arival

Essam Salah

Essam Salah

Co-founder & CEO, Oceanair Travels

Adam McEwan

Adam McEwan

Managing Director, Platinum Heritage

Toby Adams

Toby Adams

Managing Director, The Yellow Boats

Khadija Behzad

Khadija Behzad

Founder, Meet the Locals

Alaa Alkhatib

Alaa Alkhatib

Managing Director, priohub

Zeina Dagher

Zeina Dagher

CEO, Emaar Entertainment

Samir Mehta

Samir Mehta

General Manager, Arabian Adventures & Gulf Ventures

Blanca Mechana

Blanca Mechana

Co-founder & CEO, BeMyGuest

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For the purposes of registration, Arival defines an Operator as a direct provider of tours, activities or attractions.

This does not include companies that also provide third party distribution.

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Hear What Attendees Say

“Arival provided a great opportunity to hear about what is going on in the industry and get inspiration from companies who have achieved the things we are aiming for in the future!"

Simon Philipp, Expique

“What makes these guys different is the authenticity – doing events not for ego or $$$…..but with a sincere desire to develop relationships and push the community forward. Love (heart) what Arival has accomplished thus far and excited to watch and support their growth. #greatnessahead."

Brett Henry, MG Group

“Arival is a fantastic event and probably one of the best I’ve attended. Having a focused event on Tours & Activities is needed in this fast growing environment and this is what Arival provides."

Matt Cuckston, Klook

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The Big Picture: Investment, Innovation & the Future of In-Destination in Asia

Let’s face it: The In-destination industry has been the hottest sector of travel over the past few years. Venture capital keeps pouring in, M&A is accelerating, technology is (finally) taking hold and operators across the region and around the world are investing in tech. Where does this all lead? Will OTAs own the day? Do operators have a voice? What will these changes mean to creators and sellers across the region? A leading venture investor, a corporate strategist and a startup CEO who’s seen it all explain the present and chart the future for The Best Part of Travel.

Roundtable: DMOs & the State of In-Destination in Asia

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) play a pivotal role in driving tourism and advancing the interests of local tours, activities and attractions. This session assembles leaders from some of Asia’s most important tourism bodies to discuss key trends in travel across Asia, the role of DMOs in driving sustainable tourism growth, and how operators of tours, activities and attractions can best work with local and national tourism authorities to advance our industry.

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