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1-3 March 2020

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Arival Berlin 2020 Workshops

Arival Workshops go deep and get specific to help drive your tour, activity or attraction into our digital future, improve the guest experience and grow your business. Arival Workshops are not sponsored. The Arival team carefully selects presenters based on their market knowledge to lead practical, hands-on sessions.

Arival Primers

New to Arival Berlin, these pre-conference workshops are designed for operators new to travel tech and distribution or those looking for a refresher

When: Sunday, 1 March, 2020, 15:00-17:00


Introduction to Travel Tech & Distribution

Presenters: Jenna Blumenfeld and Alex Kremer, Arival

The travel industry and its tours and activities sector have more than their fair share of jargon. And the distribution landscape – all of the different types of partners and resellers – is complex. This workshop will go through the basics, cover the key terms and definitions, and give you an essential overview of how distribution works. 

Level: Introductory
Duration: 45 minutes
Who’s this for? Tour, activity and attraction operators new to travel tech and distribution, or those who’d like a refresher course to enhance their Arival experience

How to Choose Your Booking Tech

There has been so much new tech coming into our sector. This is great for our industry, but with dozens of systems available, which one should you choose? How do you go about evaluating them? What features are most important? This workshop will help you build a plan for evaluating and implementing a technology platform to manage your tours and activities, your customer profiles, your bookings and more. Consider this a prep course to make the most out of the res tech company’s Demo Labs and the meetings you will have throughout the week. 

Level: Introductory
Duration: 45 minutes
Who’s this for? Tour, activity and attraction operators considering new reservation system.

Arival Workshop Tracks

Growth & Distribution

Grow Your Direct Bookings: Best Practices for Booking Path and Website Conversion Optimization
Presenter: Bruna Moura Bruno, Sales Manager, FareHarbor

Today’s modern operator offers online booking, but not all operators offer an optimal online experience to drive the most sales. This direct-bookings workshop walks through essential best practices in local search, mobile optimization, last-minute availability and booking flow simplicity to increase online conversions. 

Prerequisite: Operators with active online marketing and website booking
Duration: 45 minutes
Who’s this for? Tour, activity and attraction operators

Working with Online Travel Agencies (So It Works for You)
Presenter: Stephen Joyce, CEO, Rezgo

Like it or not, most of us have to work with them. Online travel agencies (OTAs) are growing rapidly and have big plans. So what’s your plan for them? This popular workshop walks through the essential topics to develop a smart and balanced distribution strategy, how to best work with different OTAs, and how to optimize your sales while avoiding over-dependence on any one distribution channel.

Level: Introductory
Duration: 45 minutes
Who’s this for? Tour, activity and attraction operators currently working with or considering selling through OTAs or other third-party distribution channels.

OTA Listing Optimization: A Merchandising Masterclass
Presenter: Stephen Joyce, CEO, Rezgo

An advanced partner workshop to “Working with OTAs,” this session is designed for operators that already work with OTAs. It will examine listing optimization strategies across the leading platforms to help operators improve their performance and outsmart the competition on this growing channel. 

Level: Advanced
Duration: 45 minutes
Who’s this for? Operators who have experience working with OTAs, and who seek to expand their OTA distribution, improve their ranking and grow their bookings through this channel. 

Marketing Track

Programmatic Advertising for Tours, Activities & Attractions
Presenter: Dr. Catlyn Origitano, Director SMB & Tourism GTM, Sojern

In this workshop, we’ll walk you through what it means to run and measure a multi-channel campaign that drives growth for your attraction. We’ll start by taking a traveler path to purchase across websites and devices and show how you could influence their buying decisions with different channels & different messages. We’ll walk you through things like audience selection, measurement, how to know when to shift budgets, and everything you need to know to feel like a programmatic pro.

Level: Advanced
Duration: 45 minutes
Who’s this for? Tour, activity and attraction operators engaged in multi-channel digital advertising

The Data-Driven Operator: Using Your Data to Grow Direct Bookings
Presenter: Brian Bergey, Founder, Tourflow and Lost Plate Food Tours

Most operators already have lots of data: bookings, customers, financials, marketing.  But making good use of that data and getting the insights that matter – this is what matters most. This workshop will walk through processes for leveraging data from your existing systems to understand your business performance and make key decisions to grow your direct sales. 

Level: Advanced
Duration: 105 minutes
Who’s this for? All tour and activity operators with reservation systems and experience working with their company data to make better business decisions

The Facebook Funnel Part I: Overview
Presenter: Chris Torres, Founder & Director, Tourism Marketing Agency

Facebook has become a growing ingredient in the digital operator’s marketing stack, but how travelers use it, and how tour and activity operators must approach it, stands apart from other marketing channels. This workshop will walk through the traveler journey through Facebook and give tour and activity operators a rounded overview of Facebook advertising and acquiring customers through the platform. 

Who’s this for? All tour and activity operators

The Facebook Funnel Part II: Advanced Tactics
Presenter: Chris Torres, Founder & Director, Tourism Marketing Agency

A companion workshop to Facebook Funnel Part I, this workshop will delve into more advanced tactics such as audience targeting, custom audiences, content strategies, and use live examples from attendees to dissect the user journey on Facebook and help tour and activity operators develop specific action plans.

Who’s this for? All tour and activity operators

Operations Track

Profit Optimization for Tours & Activities
Presenter: Iwona Wojcik, Global Revenue & Performance Manager, Walks

Any good business will understand their financial performance overall, but how well do you know the profitability of each tour you offer, and even of specific departures? This workshop will review financial analysis strategies for understanding profit margins for tours, examine pricing and cost-management strategies, and explore approaches to improve profitability.

Who’s this for? Tour and activity operators

Grow Your Profits with Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Management
Presenter: Evan Reece, Co-founder & CEO, Liftopia

Dynamic pricing and revenue management—making frequent pricing changes to optimize revenue and bookings—have been a mainstay of other travel sectors for years. Now, it’s beginning to take hold in tours, activities, and attractions. This workshop, geared for ticketed attractions as well as larger tour and activity operators, walks through the fundamentals of revenue management, how to think about applying revenue management relative to the unique attributes of your business and how you can grow your sales, profits, and predictability for your operation.

Who’s it for: Larger tour and attraction operators interested in dynamic pricing. 

Sustainability Standards: Best Practice for Better Profit
Presenter: Randy Durband, CEO, Global Sustainable Tourism Council
Anula Galewska, Responsible Business Manager, Urban Adventures

This workshop provides a practical overview of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) standards, and walks through how tour and activity operators can align their business practices to globally accepted standards with practical, real-world examples. 

Level: Introductory
Duration: 45 minutes
Who’s it for: Tour and activity operators seeking to understand and implement sustainable tourism best practices.

See Highlights of
Arival Berlin 2019

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Hear What Attendees Say

“There’s a really great vibe at Arival that I don’t see at other conferences and it’s around the desire of delegates to learn. Everybody comes here saying, ‘I want to do better at distribution, I want to get better at technology, and get more sales. And Arival is going to help me do this."

Rod Cuthbert, Founder, Viator

“Arival was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, share issues and visions as well as getting to know various tech/IT solutions which will help to distribute more of the in-destination attractions & activities in the future."

Tamara Fussen, Best of Switzerland Tours

“The magic of Arival has been meeting and connecting with people, and having the time and space where you can have a coffee, chat, and realize the problems that you have, others have, too. The most important thing is the connection you make with other people."

Zakia Moulaoui, Founder & CEO, Invisible Cities

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L10 minutes with Linda Denbrock of Secret Food Tours.Secret Food Tours offers delicious food tours in over 55 cities in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Linda sat down with Tourpreneur Podcast Host Shane Whaley and revealed the mission of Secret Food Tours including how they strive to deliver an authentic, immersive experience for their food tour guests plus how they market their tours to travelers.

Roundtable: OTAs & What’s Next in Distribution

Distribution dynamics in tours, activities and attractions are rapidly changing. Online travel agencies (OTAs) are growing fast, raising lots of capital, acquiring reservation systems and driving all sorts of innovations. This poses many important questions to operators of all sizes and segments. This roundtable of OTA leaders and operators will debate them all—and answer tough audience questions.

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