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Why Arival?

Arival is the only event dedicated to the Best Part of Travel – the things travelers do when they get there. Arival’s Mission is to Advance and Give Voice to the In-Destination Industry

Why Sponsor?

At Arival, you can reach a targeted audience of tour and activities providers, attractions and events, and leaders in travel distribution, technology and marketing.

The most targeted audience: more than 1200 attendees, all tour and activity providers, attractions, and technology, distribution and marketing innovators serving the in-destination sector.

Here is the general breakdown of attendees from past Arival events

  • Suppliers (day tour operators, activity providers, attractions, experiences) 63% 63%
  • Technology & distribution 27% 27%
  • Marketing, media, investors 10% 10%

Some of our sponsors have included

Natasha Murray

Managing Director
Havas Media

Pick up the phone and get involved. There’s nothing better than getting involved with your peer group, with influencers, and really trying to get people to understand what you believe in, in an environment like this with the people you work with.

Benefit package for all Arival Partners includes:

  • Your logo featured on in Partner Scroll on every page except homepage
  • Your brand in lights during all Arival Theater Sessions (see example)
  • Arival Partner logos are featured prominently throughout the Gaylord Conference Center
  • Inclusion on video Sponsor Roll during Arival Theater Sessions
  • Featured on Arival Partner signage at Event
  • Your logo included with all partners in attendee guide two page spread
  • One complimentary registration for every $5,000 spent
  • Additional sponsor tickets are available at the Early Bird rate
  • 10% discount for you to provide to your database of clients, partners, and prospects
  • Minimum spend to be an Arival Partner is $20,000.  See below for sponsorship options starting at $5000

How it Works!

Partnership packages are put together on an à la carte basis. You choose the options that meet your objectives from all Sponsorship Options listed below (that are not already sold).

James Patterson

General Manager
Trade Desk

There is a lot of exposure for our brand. There’s a lot of people here, the movers and the shakers of the industry.

Arival Berlin 2020 Sponsorship Options

Price:  €7,500
Available: 15  6

Sponsored Demo Lab

Arival’s mission is to demystify technology and distribution and empower tour and activity suppliers to capitalize on all of the new technology and innovation serving the tours and activities sector. Demo Labs are a key element in Arival’s mission, by enabling suppliers to get an extended, hands-on feel for what it might be like to use a new technology for their business. This is where you come in. Create a compelling, practical, hands-on demonstration (not a sales pitch! no slides with bullets listing features) that will give a real feel for attendees of what it’s like to use your tech. The Arival Demo Labs take place in a workshop room that accommodates 25-100 people. They are 30 minutes long, with a dedicated Internet connection, projector and screen. Arival sends out pre-registration requests for each Lab, and you can invite specific prospects (we ask that you avoid emailing the entire attendee list). The Arival content team works with you to ensure your demo lab is awesome, highlights your best and gives attendees a good feel for your tech and your company.

Price:  €5,000
Available: 2


Everyone has to eat, right? Put your brand in front of the hungry attendees with signage at the buffet stations, table tents throughout and more creative ideas that your team, and ours, can come up with. Sponsor either the Monday Lunch or the Tuesday Lunch. Arival, of course, pays for the lunch, additional branding and/or entertainment ideas to be paid by the sponsor. (Yeah, we have some cool ideas. Arival is an experiential event. Let’s design an awesome experience for our attendees!)

Price:  €15,000

Co-Sponsor Happy Hour

Arival is more than a conference. It’s also community, and we need to get together and have an awesome time! So Monday night is the Arival Happy Hour and everyone is invited! We’re putting on lots of awesome appetisers and open bar for one and a half hours. We’ll help create a party for you that fits your brand. The sponsorship covers branding and entertainment. (Limited to two party sponsors, first come, first served for your location option).

Price:  €5,000
Available:  2  1

Coffee Breaks

Throughout Arival we make sure everyone stays caffeinated. Coffee, tea, sodas, and snacks – you take the credit. Fantastic branding options are available, be creative! Arival covers all the food and beverages. This sponsorship includes two coffee breaks on Tuesday.

Price:  €10,000


Over 1000 attendees will proudly be wearing your brand on the lanyard that holds the Arival name tag. We will work with you to design beautiful Lanyards that convey your brand and make their mark with every attendee. Imagine the impact!

Price:  €10,000

Name Tags

Over 1000 attendees will proudly be wearing your brand on the lanyard that holds the Arival name tag. We will work with you to design beautiful Lanyards that convey your brand and make their mark with every attendee. Imagine the impact!

Price:  €5,000
Available: 8


Reach the ultimate Tours & Activities audience – a captive group of over 1000 attendees, with over 70% representing attractions, tours and activity suppliers from around the world. Show your video (maximum of 60 seconds) two times during the Arival Theatre Sessions. It doesn’t get any bigger than this in Tours & Activities.

Price:  €5,000
Available: 1

Photo Lounge

Be Creative and Build a Photo Lounge that attendees will remember. Photos for social posts, post cards, headshots, you name it. Arival works with your team to provide the space and branding for you to do your thing.

Price:  €10,000
Available: 20  14

Branded Meeting Spot

Position your brand with great visibility: get a high-profile meeting and exhibit space in the Arival Networking Lounge. Arival exhibits include your branding, electrical, wifi, and seating for two.

Price:  €15,000
Available: 2

Arival Wrap-Up Party

Let’s end Arival Berlin in style. One sponsor gets full branding credit. The Arival team will work with you to come up with great ideas and to coordinate all plans with the venue. Fully inclusive, with cool branding options, drinks are included (no food). Let’s make it a closing party no one will forget!

Price:  €5,000

Registration and Info Desk

All attendees have to register, right? And the registration and info desk is in a high profile area throughout the event. There is no area with higher traffic. You are guaranteed to be seen with every single attendee. The desk is branded and your company says “Welcome to Arival”.

Price:  €5,000
Available:  5  3

Prime Banner Ads in Mobile App and Event App

100% of Arival attendees in Berlin downloaded the event app. You have to use the app to select workshops and demo labs. The event app is used is used on desktop prior to the event and also the hub for networking during the event. A maximum of five banners will be featured front and center on the app providing fantastic ongoing exposure. Links to your website can be provided.

Price:  €2,500
Available:  3

Seat Drop

Want to get your message with more detail in front of Arival attendees? Leave a brochure or flyer on every seat in the house prior to one of the Theater Sessions. You provide the collateral, we make sure it’s on every seat.

Price:  €5,000
Available:  2

Full Page Ad in Attendee Guide

The Arival Guide is an attractive, condensed and informative guide to everything Arival Berlin. Limited, high profile ads are available on a first come, first served basis: Back Cover, Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover. Include a mobile app banner for a €7,500 package offer.

Price:  €5,000
Available:  1

Branded Water Bottles

We don’t want to use plastic, so we’ll buy 500 water bottles with your brand featured on the design. Cost includes the water bottles. *Sustainability Icon will be included to show your commitment to lessening your footprint.

Price:  €5,000
Available:  1

Branded Ottomans

Brand the Ottomans that are spread throughout the Arival Networking Lounge. This is a highly visible opportunity. The Inflatable Ottomans are the perfect place to sit for those short business meetings taking place all week. They are located throughout the networking lounge. Half of the Ottomans will be branded for the sponsor, and half for Arival. Minimum of 15 sponsor branded Ottomans.

Price:  €10,000
Available:  1

The Connection Point

Sometimes it can be hard to find the person you are meeting at Arival. The Arival Networking Lounge is always buzzing with meetings taking place everywhere. Sponsor the “Connection Point” with benefits including:
– Full branding of the Connection Point, ideally located in the Arival Networking Lounge
– Branding in the Event App and Attendee printed guide, The (Sponsor) Connection Point, making it clear to all attendees that The (Sponsor) Connection Point is a great location to meet.
– A designed area for people to connect in the Arival Networking Lounge

Note: This is not a sponsored meeting spot. The sponsor does not host meetings at The Connection Point.

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