Melanie Ryan Meador

President and CEO at Redeam

Prior to joining Redeam, Melanie was the COO and Founder of Denver-based Meadors Masters Foundation, a non-profit that focuses on humanitarian efforts to assist those in need globally. Prior to starting the foundation, Meador was Chief Strategy Officer at FORTRUST, leading efforts in marketing and strategic and business development. She spent four years as Chief Revenue Officer of Bankrate, where she led a business transformation that resulted in a $165 million acquisition. She also served as VP of Strategic Accounts and Business Development at Orbitz Worldwide, where Meador led a global strategic sales and account team with a portfolio exceeding $1 billion annually. She started her travel career as the Senior Director of Electronic Distribution at Sunburst Hospitality. Originally from Hawaii, Melanie lives in Colorado near Boulder where Redeam’s Global Headquarters are located.

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