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Technology is changing everything in tourism – and Tours, Activities & Attractions are no exception. Arival Workshops go deep and get specific to help you drive your tour, activity or attraction business into our digital future. Arival Workshops are not sponsored. The Arival team carefully selects presenters based on their market knowledge, who lead practical, hands-on sessions to help you grow your business.
(Preliminary information, subject to change).

Distribution & Booking

Working with Online Travel Agencies (so It Works for You)

Love them or not, most of us have to work them. Online travel agencies (OTAs) are growing rapidly and have big plans. So what’s your plan for them? This popular workshop walks through the essential topics to develop a smart and balanced distribution strategy, how to best work with different OTAs, and how to optimize your sales while avoiding over-dependence on any one distribution channel.

Who’s this for? Tour, activity and attraction operators currently working with or considering selling through OTAs or other third-party distribution channels.

Growing Direct Online Bookings

We live in a world with endless touch points. Reaching customers at the right time at the right place is increasingly difficult, attention spans are low and there are many competitors out there. Mobile has changed the game, the way people book travel and activities is changing rapidly. This workshop walks through the essentials of building a direct digital marketing strategy, with an overview of the key tools

Who’s this for? Tour, activity and attraction operators with booking websites (mobile and desktop).

Marketing & Growth

APAC Marketing Essentials: Audience Targeting by Country

Asia Pacific tourism has been on a growth tear, and the surge of visitors from travelers across Asia means operators must be able to reach, serve and cater to travelers from a growing array of countries, cultures, and languages. This workshop will walk through key source markets in Asia, discuss the key channels and triggers for each market, and enable Tour, Activity & Attraction operators to map a strategy for marketing acros san increasingly diverse and international customer set.

Who’s this for? Tour, activity and attraction operators seeking to expand their international reach.

Facebook & Instagram: Advanced Audience Targeting

The social media and advertising giants Facebook and Instagram are only becoming more and more important to trip planning – and thus travel marketers. Their audience targeting tools offer powerful opportunities for operators of Tours, Activities & Attractions to reach specific customer segments. This masterclass from social media specialist Sparkloft will review the essentials and best practices for mining these platforms and winning more customers.

Who’s this for? Tour, activity and attraction operators already active with digital marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Video Marketing Essentials

Great video content has become a must-have for every tourism marketing, and especially for operators of Tours, Activities & Attractions. This hands-on session walks through the essential tenets of effective video marketing to reach those all-important mobile shoppers and bookings, and provides a practical roadmap to get you creating compelling, mobile-friendly videos to win more business and grow your bookings.

Who’s this for? Tour, activity and attraction operators who need to start doing more video marketing or want a check-up that they are following best practices.

Operations & Technology

Get Your Pricing & Profits Right

Pricing your tour or activity is critical to attracting the right audience and ensuring you are profitable in a highly competitive landscape.  But having the best price isn’t necessarily the lowest price, it’s about understanding your customers, the competition, and the ups and downs of demand. This workshop dives into pricing strategies and key pricing techniques that will help you develop the best pricing for your tour or activity taking into account the competition, customers, fixed and variable costs, marketing, and distribution.

Who’s this for? All tour, activity and attraction operators

How to Choose Your Booking Tech

There has been so much new tech coming into our sector. This is great for our industry, with more choices than ever. But with dozens of systems out there, which one should you choose? What features are really most important? This workshop will help you build a plan for evaluating and implementing a technology platform to manage your tours and activities, your customer profiles, your bookings and more. You will develop a process to identify what matters most to you, how you should short-list and evaluate new systems and the do’s and don’ts of the implementation process.
Who’s it for:  Tour and activity operators considering new – or a change in – their reservation system tech


More workshops to be announced soon. Program subject to change.

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