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24-26 June 2019     Bangkok, Thailand

Arival Asia Pacific Theatre Program

The Arival Theater Program assembles the brightest minds and biggest brands shaping the tours, activities and attractions sector across Asia Pacific.

What can you expect? No sales pitches. No sponsored sessions. Just the essential trends and ideas that matter most to your business.

Our Promise: Perspectives that matter for creators and sellers of tours, activities and attractions across Asia Pacific.

TUESDAY, 25 JUNE – 10:00-12:00


This Is Asia’s Arival
Douglas Quinby, Co-founder & CEO, Arival

An overview of the key trends and issues shaping The Best Part of Travel in Asia and what’s ahead for creators and sellers of tours, activities and attractions.

Ask Me Anything: Klook
Wilfred Fan, Chief Commercial Officer, Klook
Interviewer: Douglas Quinby, Co-founder & CEO, Arival

Klook has in just a few short years grown to become a leading online travel agency (OTA) for tours and activities across Asia. Now, with a $300 million war chest, they have big plans for global expansion. In this in-depth interview, get the inside scoop on one of the most talked-about companies in online travel. Learn where Klook is headed, and what it means for your tour, activity or attraction business.

Curating Local Culinary Experiences
Cecilia Leung, Founder & Chief Foodie Officer, Hong Kong Foodie Tours

“Local Experiences” are the latest buzzword, but what are they really? What does local authenticity really mean? And how do we infuse it into a traveler experience? Isn’t a tour or an activity a local experience? Here, Hong Kong-based culinary entrepreneur Cecilia Leung shares her insights on creating authentic local experiences through food, and how you can too.

OTAs & What’s Next in Distribution
Zishan Amir, General Manager, MegaAdventure, Singapore
Chee Chong Chan, Co-founder & CEO, GlobalTix
Baidi Li, Regional Director, APAC, TripAdvisor Experiences

Distribution dynamics in tours, activities and attractions are rapidly changing. Online travel agencies (OTAs) are growing fast, raising lots of capital, acquiring reservation systems and driving all sorts of innovations. This poses many important questions to operators of all sizes and segments. This roundtable of OTA leaders and operators will debate them all—and answer tough audience questions.

DMOs & the State of In-Destination in Asia
Mario Hardy, CEO, PATA
Jeannie Lim, Assistant Chief Executive, Policy & Planning Group, Singapore Tourism Board
More speakers will soon be announced

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs) play a pivotal role in driving tourism and advancing the interests of local tours, activities and attractions. This session assembles leaders from some of Asia’s most important tourism bodies to discuss key trends in travel across Asia, the role of DMOs in driving sustainable tourism growth, and how operators of tours, activities and attractions can best work with local and national tourism authorities to advance our industry.

TUESDAY, 25 JUNE – 15:45-17:45


Are Asia’s Super Apps Defining Our Future?
Brett Henry, President Director, MG Group

From WeChat and Go-Jek to Grab, LINE, Meituan and more, Asia’s rising Super Apps are just about everywhere. Theyare offering pretty much everything and are challenging every sector of both online and offline commerce. How will they change the way your customers plan and book things to do? Walking us through the state of Super Apps and what they mean to creators and sellers of tours, activities and attractions is one of the region’s long-standing experts in digital travel, Brett Henry.

The View from Google
Eugenie Lam, Head of APAC, Travel Partnerships, Google

From search and shop to serving and booking, the global search giant has big plans for the in-destination industry. In this talk, Google’s head of travel partnerships for APAC gives the Google view on The Best Part of Travel, and what that means for operators of tours, activities and attractions.

How to Use Data to Improve Your Tours
Abhinav Kumar, Head of Region, SEA, GetYourGuide

Most tour and activity operators start with passion and follow their instinct and expertise to design great guest experiences. Tomorrow’s operators will use data analysis and careful customer observations to design experiences of the future. In this talk, GetYourGuide’s lead for Southeast Asia walks us through their data-driven journey to custom design a tour product with a partner in Indonesia, and provides insights on how every experience creator can use science as well as art to serve their guests.

Winning the Chinese Outbound Traveler
Weiping Liao, Deputy General Manager of Things To Do, Ctrip
More speakers will soon be announced

It’s the world’s largest outbound travel market, and for many destinations and operators across Asia, it’s an enormously important source of travelers. But the booking behaviors and presentations of China’s rapidly growing traveler population continue to change. This session explores the key trends and shifts underway in the Chinese travel market, and what it means to operators of tours, activities and attractions across Asia Pacific.

The Big Picture: Investment, Innovation & the Future of In-Destination in Asia
Fritz Demopoulos, Founder, Queen’s Road Capital
Timothy Hughes, VP Corporate Development, Agoda
Blanca Menchaca, CEO & Co-founder, BeMyGuest
Moderator: Yeoh Siew Hoon, Founder, WiT

Let’s face it: The In-destination industry has been the hottest sector of travel over the past few years. Venture capital keeps pouring in, M&A is accelerating, technology is (finally) taking hold and operators across the region and around the world are investing in tech. Where does this all lead? Will OTAs own the day? Do operators have a voice? What will these changes mean to creators and sellers across the region? A leading venture investor, a corporate strategist and a startup CEO who’s seen it all explain the present and chart the future for The Best Part of Travel.

WEDNESDAY, 26 JUNE – 10:00-12:00


What Asian Travelers Want: Exclusive Traveler Research from Arival & WYSE
Douglas Quinby, Co-founder & CEO, Arival

The state of in-destination experiences is rapidly evolving, and with this change comes shifting traveler habits and desires. In this must-see session, dive deep into the data to learn what modern Asian travelers want, how they shop and book and what keeps them happy. Exclusive new research from Arival & WYSE will uncover the trends so you can keep Asian travelers coming back again and again.

There’s No Such Thing as Asia (Oops, We Said It)
Dongun Lee, CEO, MyRealTrip
Taka Mitamura, Director, Global Communications & Business Initiatives, VELTRA
Moderator: Chetan Kapoor, Co-founder & COO, videc

Unless somehow Korean, Thai, Indonesian and Australian travelers all started traveling, behaving and spending the exact same way, it’s clear there’s no single Asian market. This essential roundtable assembles leading online travel agencies (OTAs) of tours, activities and attractions to discuss the diverse trends shaping varied travel markets and traveler segments from across the region.

Sustainable Enterprise Times Three:
Three socially-driven businesses talk about the essentials of responsible tourism, sustainable practices and why your company should support local economies.

1) Responsible Tourism as Company Culture & Habit
Raj Gyawali, Founding Director of the leading Nepal tour operator socialtours (and Asia’s first Travelife-certified brand), speaks to building a company culture with responsible practices baked into day-to-day operations. He shares how every tour and attraction operator can embed sustainable habits into the daily routine of its staff, tours and the experience of their customers.

2) Building the Social Enterprise, One Lady Biker at a Time
From full-time student and part-time tour guide to full-time-plus as entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of I Love Asia Tour Lien Nguyen is on a mission to empower women across Vietnam and beyond to step up, and out, as tour guides and independent entrepreneurs in their own right.

3) Preserving Cultures, Sustaining Locals and Making Profits
Most online travel startups dream of big funding rounds, big profits and even bigger exits. This startup thinks about preserving Thailand’s diverse culture and supporting local communities. Achi Thamparipattra, CEO and Chief of Fun of HiveSters, sold us on her vision. In this talk, you’ll find out why.

Understanding the Muslim Traveler
Fazal Bahardeen, Founder & CEO, CrescentRating

Representing some $150 billion in spend from nearly 200 million travelers across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and beyond, the Muslim traveler marketplace is large and rapidly growing. But the needs and expectations of the segment are distinct. This session will walk through the essentials of this important market, and cover how operators of tours, activities and attractions can best serve this traveler group.

Tours, Attractions or Experiences? An Industry in Flux
Taro Amornched, Co-founder & CEO, TakeMeTour
Laurent Kuenzle, CEO, Asian Trails
Prasanna Veeraswamy, Chief Product Development Officer, GoQuo

You’ve heard it many times: Travelers don’t want the same old group tours. Rather, they want authentic experiences served by locals and powered by mobile platforms that make everything accessible in an instant. But must traditional tour and attraction operators completely reinvent their product offerings? This session assembles leaders in both traditional tours and modern styled experiences to help you understand how to adapt to meet travelers’ changing expectations, from searching to booking to experiencing.

WEDNESDAY, 26 JUNE – 15:45-17:15


The U.S. and European Traveler to Asia
Douglas Quinby, Co-founder & CEO, Arival

Travelers from the U.S. and Europe represent an important market for tour, activity and attraction operators across Asia Pacific. This presentation, with exclusive research from Arival, explores U.S. and European travelers visiting Asia, and examines what experiences they want, how they plan and book and what operators need to know to win this lucrative market.

Inside the Indian Traveler
Moderator: Chetan Kapoor, Co-founder & COO, videc

It’s one of the fastest growing travel markets and India’s travelers are hungry for tour and activity experiences across Asia. This research presentation walks through the essentials of the Indian market, and explores how it’s growing, the unique values of Indian travelers and what operators need to know to win them over.

The Power of Passion (Plus Some Hawker Chicken & Rice)
Karni Tomer, Food Explorer, Wok ‘n’ Stroll, Singapore

How in the world does an Israeli journalist arrive in Singapore and within a few short years develop one of the most talked-about food tours that’s featured by the Singapore Tourism Board? In this talk, Karni Tomer shares her passion, purpose and hunger for the street food of her adopted country and how it propelled her business forward.

Operator Talk
Denis Zhu, CEO, KidZania Bangkok
More speakers will soon be announced

No aspect of the travel industry is facing more challenges and change than tour operating. New technology and shifting traveler demands are compelling tour companies to change what they offer and how they offer it. This session brings leading operators from across the region to have their say on the big challenges and trends shaping their decisions today and tomorrow.

Asia & the Multi-Attraction Pass
Joost Timmer, Managing Director, iVenture Card International

The flexible, use-as-you-go multi-attraction pass has been on the rise around the world. But is this pass optimized for operators in the Asia Pacific region? This presentation walks through the basics of the multi-attraction pass, and explores whether it is the right choice for your business.

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