24 - 26 June, 2019   Bangkok, Thailand

Arival Bangkok Theatre Program

Arival is Asia Pacific’s first and only event dedicated to the creators and sellers of the Best Part of Travel: Tours, Activities & Attractions. We call it the In-Destination Industry.

The Arival Theater Program assembles the brightest minds, biggest brands, and most provocative voices to explore and debate the essential themes shaping the Tours, Activities & Attractions sector across Asia Pacific.

What can you expect? No sales pitches. No sponsored sessions. Just the essential trends and perspectives that matter most to your business.

Our Promise: Perspectives that matter for creators and sellers of Tours, Activities & Attractions across Asia Pacific.

Here are some of the confirmed sessions with more to be announced soon (preliminary information, subject to change):

What Asian Travelers Want: Exclusive Traveler  Research from Arival & WYSE

The state of in-destination experiences has never before evolved so rapidly. What travelers want, how they shop and book, and how to keep them happy and coming back has never been more challenging. Uncover the trends and go deep into the data with exclusive new research on Europe’s millennial and rising Gen Z travelers. Only at Arival Bangkok, Asia Pacific’s only in-destination event.

Ask Me Anything: Klook

Klook has in just a few short years grown to become a leading online travel agency (OTA) for tours and activities across Asia. And now, with a $300 million war chest, they have big plans for global expansion. Get the inside scoop on one of the most talked-about companies in online travel, where they’re headed, and what it means for your tour, activity or attraction business, in this in-depth interview.

The State of Tours & Activities Tech in Asia

The rise of reservations and booking software has been instrumental in bringing tour, activity and attraction operators online across the U.S. and Europe, and now it’s Asia’s turn. This roundtable discussion will delve into the state of tours and activity technology in the region, the unique challenges in the region, and what operators need to know about the future of tech for their businesses.

The Distribution Debate: Operators & OTAs

Distribution dynamics in Tours, Activities & Attractions are changing rapidly. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are growing fast, raising lots of capital, acquiring reservation systems and driving all sorts of change. This poses many important questions to operators of all sizes and segments. This roundtable of leaders from OTAs and operators will debate them all – and answer audience questions.

Inside the Outbound U.S. and European Traveler

Travelers from the U.S. and Europe represent an important market for tour, activity and attraction operators across Asia Pacific. This presentation, with exclusive research from Arival, dives deeply into U.S. and European travelers coming to Asia, and examines what experiences they want, how they plan and book, and what operators need to know to win this lucrative market.

Tours, Activities or Experiences?

Airbnb’s launch of Experiences posed an important question to the broader travel industry: what is a tour or activity as opposed to an “experience?” What is it that travelers truly want? Must traditional tour and attraction operators reinvent their product offerings? Isn’t every tour, activity or attraction also an experience? This session assembles leaders in classical tours and new styled “experiences” to help us all understand what this is all about, and how we adapt to meet travelers’ changing expectations.

A New Kind of Culinary: Food Tourism’s Future

Regardless of the traveler or the trip, it’s the one thing that matters most: food. Culinary—the combination of food and drink—is playing a larger role in the in-destination experience. Today’s travelers want something more for their cuisine in trip, and Asia’s incredibly diverse culinary scene is offering more options than ever for the curiously hungry traveler. This session will delve deep into food tourism trends and help all operators incorporate culinary components to give them an edge.

Tourism for Good: Selling the Social Enterprise

More and more tour and activity operators are also social entrepreneurs, creating new tourism products that prioritize the needs and economic interests of local communities. In the process, they’re tapping into growing traveler demand for more sustainable tourism experiences. This session assembles innovators of social enterprise and responsible tourism development to map out the key ingredients for successful social enterprise in the in-destination sector.

DMOs & the State of In-Destination in Asia

DMOs, or destination marketing organizations, play a pivotal role in driving tourism and advancing the interests of local tours, activities and attractions. This session assembles leaders from some of Asia’s most important tourism bodies to discuss key trends in travel across Asia, the role of DMOs in driving sustainable tourism growth, and how operators of tours, activities and attractions can best work with local and national tourism authorities to advance our industry.

The Tour Operator of the Future

No part of the travel industry is facing more challenges and change than tour operating. New technology and shifting traveler demands are compelling tour companies to change what they offer and how they offer it. Arival’s signature Tour Operator of the Future series features distinct voices reinventing touring and charting a course into a very new future for tours and activities.

DMCs Defined

DMCs, or destination management companies, wield enormous influence in inbound tourism across Asia Pacific, but to the uninitiated, the role is not always clear. Are DMCs suppliers or distributors? Some own and operate tours and activities, some focus more on packaging tours for resale through OTAs and other resellers. Almost all do some of both. This session assembles leaders of major DMCs to help us demystify this important part of leisure travel, and help operators and distributors alike understand how best to work with them across Asia.

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