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Arival 360

October 26 - November 5

5 Great Days, 60+ Sessions, 1 Engaging (Virtual) Event


Why Sponsor

Arival is the only event dedicated to the Best Part of Travel – the things travelers do when they get there. Since 2017 Arival has created the global community for the creators and sellers of tours, activities, attractions, and experiences.

Why Sponsor?

At Arival, you reach a targeted audience of tour and activities providers, attractions and experiences, and leaders in travel distribution, technology, and marketing. There is no other event, live or virtual, no media company, and no other research company that focuses exclusively on the In-Destination Industry like Arival does.

Expect more than 1000 and as many as 2000+ attendees to join Arival 360.


Orlando 2019 Attendees by Industry Category

  • Operators 71% 71%
  • Distribution 11% 11%
  • Technology 9% 9%
  • Marketing Agencies, Educators, Investors, Media & Associations 9% 9%

Become a sponsor and define your leadership in travel’s fastest-growing sector: the tours, activities, attractions, and experiences community

With Arival 360, we offer a variety of ways for you to engage with attendees and create new awareness among operators and potential partners large and small. 

All sponsors receive:

  • Logo on event home page
  • Access to attendee list within the event platform including the capability to connect with attendees directly and downloading all connections made before, during, and after the event.
  • For sponsorship of one of the days of the Event: Three complimentary registrations for all days of the Event. Additional registrations are based on “all other” pricing less promo code discount.
  • For sponsorship of all days of the Event: Unlimited company ticket for all days of the Event.
  • Promo code providing 75% discount on all pricing to distribute to database
  • Promotional content and creative to promote participation in the Event

list of sponsor opportunities

Opportunity Description Fee for one event Fee for All Events Availability
Virtual Exhibit & Meeting Rooms
 Sponsor exhibit* including a private meeting room for the duration of the Event (October 26 – November 5)
  • The meeting room accommodates up to 50 people
  • Your sales team has access to Inbound and Outbound meetings, coordinated by your administrator
  • Unlimited registrations for your company’s team
  • Inclusion in sponsor section that is highlighted in top-level navigation with links to sponsor exhibit
  • Analytics to show your team’s activity during the event

*Your exhibit includes video or photo header, company profile, company documents, contact information, and team members.

  $5,000 Unlimited
Innovation Lounge Present a 30-minute demonstration of an innovative product offering. A maximum of three innovations will be presented simultaneously each day. There is no limit to the number of people that can attend the presentation. You can respond to chat and Q&A during their sessions. All sessions are recorded and available to you for no additional fee. We may decide to pre-record the presentation. $3,000 $6000 for two Presentations 3 Per Day
Home Page Banner and Mobile App Splash Page
  • Your banner each time an attendee opens the mobile app
  • Your banner featured on the home page of the desktop event app throughout the event
$2,000 $4,000 SOLD
Roundtable Sponsor Branding and hosting of one of Arival 360’s featured roundtables. $2,000 $4,000 10
Chatroom Sponsor

Branding and moderation of one of Arival 360’s chatrooms. You can choose a topic and moderate and drive the discussion.

*The Networking Accelerator on November 4 is included if you sponsor all Event days

$1,000 $2000* 5
Video Commercial Show two (60 seconds) commercials on the “main stage” between segments. The videos will be played just prior to the main session. $1,500 $3,000 4
Happy Hour!

Throw a virtual party at the end of the day.

*The Networking Accelerator on November 4 is included if the Client sponsors all Event days

$1,500 $3000* 1

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Hear What Attendees Say


“If you’re in the Tours and Activities space you MUST attend this conference, it’s as simple as that."

Ben Holz, Activity Maui

“Bravo Arival! Finally an industry conference dedicated specifically to the needs and wants of the tours and activities sector! The content was so relevant and the cost of the conference was accessible enough to allow a last minute add on. Can’t wait for next year’s conference!"

Michelle Israel, San Diego Zoo

“It’s a totally community oriented event. It was spectacular to meet everyone here. We are really witnessing the birth of our industry right here."

Alex Meerab, Checkfront

Arival Orlando Attendees Tell Us What They Thought of the Event (And Major Takeaways)

Tour operators react and share their experience from ARIVAL Orlando 2019. Tourpreneur Host Shane Whaley asked 14 Arival attendees what they thought of the Arival Orlando event and what were some of the major learnings. [email protected] Presented by Checkfront. Tune in for espresso shot style interviews!



How We Moved to the Caribbean and Built a Boat Tour Business from Scratch

Ellen Mannaert left her corporate job in Holland to start up a boat tour operator in Punta Cana. In this candid interview, Ellen of Breakers Boat Trips Punta Cana shares her lessons on not just setting up a tour business, but being a tour operator in a foreign country. We also talk about boat trips marketing, how Ellen sells tours through hotels and how most of her OTA bookings for her tours are coming via Bookit.

Ellen also shares why she decided to attend Arival for the first time and why it is important to follow our passion.

Meet David Naczycz of Urban Adventures, NYC

10 minutes with David Naczycz of NYC Urban Adventures. David sat down with Tourpreneur Podcast Host Shane Whaley and revealed how built his tour company and why he decided to work with Urban Adventures.

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