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 Bravo Arival! Finally an industry conference dedicated specifically to the needs and wants of the tours and activities sector! The content was so relevant and the cost of the conference was accessible enough to allow a last minute add on. Can’t wait for next year’s conference!

Michelle Israel

San Diego Zoo

 Arival is definitely the rise of a Sleeping Giant, the Activities and Tours Industry. Great opportunity lo learn from the best in the area. 

Luiz Mendez

Atlantis Submarine Conzumel

It’s a totally community oriented event. It was spectacular to meet everyone here. We are really witnessing the birth of our industry right here. 

Alex Meerab


 Arival was definitely worth the trip from Australia, the content presented and the contacts we made were extremely important to our continued business development.

John Sharpe


I came to Arival to pick up tips on how to do marketing, how to get better reviews, how to branch out into new things, meet other people doing the same thing. It has been great to network and find other partners to work with. 

David Luria

Washington Photo Safari

A great opportunity to finally have a conference about tours and activities. I learned a lot, it was a terrific experience. 

Simon Gozzi

City Wonders

If you’re in the tours and activities space, this is the conference for you! Learn from leaders in the tours and activities industry, meet with peers to have conversations at a deeper level, and have fun! 

Aashi Vel

Traveling Spoon

 Arival is a necessary first step to unite the tours and attractions industry and shine the spotlight on what really matters about travel, the moments, memories and experiences!

Chandra Bertsch

Holo Holo Charters

If you’re in the Tours and Activities space you MUST attend this conference, it’s as simple as that. 

Ben Holz

Activity Maui

The Arival Conference was a great opportunity to meet like-minded tour operators from all over the world and to learn from their experiences & our own. A well-run event & wonderful networking opportunity. 

Terry Smit

Go West Tours

It has been really amazing to get everybody together and to learn from them and meet a ton of people in our space at the same time. 

Ruzwana Bashir


I learned that tour suppliers need to market themselves as widely as possible on as many different platforms as they can. The results of visiting Arival have been overwhelmingly positive. I met with so many like minded people, I had an amazing time at Arival. 

Ashley Steyaert

One Ocean Diving

 We signed up early for the ARIVAL Conference not really knowing what to expect. We knew it was going to be an industry first so we were excited. It did not disappoint. It was great to see and learn what we were doing right, and what we could be doing in all kinds of areas to do better! Tons of great speakers with great information! Can’t wait till the next one! Thank you from David & Angie with Hoonah Travel Adventures, Hoonah Alaska population 800!!!

David and Angie

Hoonah Travel Adventures

It has been really interesting meeting the companies creating tours and the people providing the technology powering the distribution of the tours. A highlight for me has been to see these two different groups of people come together to talk about how they can work with each other and partner. 

Ian Cumming

Travel Massive

 Arival conference is music for my ears. I know our market is fragmented and we are all busy, so meeting people that experience the passion, frustrations and success like I do is awesome.

Luciano Bullorsky


Arival was a must attend attractions-based show! The overall content and lineup was specific and unique- cant find it anywhere else! Looking forward to seeing this show grow! 

Tara Hippensteel

Hard Rock International

 Arival was an amazing conference! Not only was it an event that fully connected activity/experience providers with each other as well as with distributors, but the event defined us as an industry. A first of it’s kind. They also gave a new meaning to T&A (Travel & Activity), so that’s now appropriate to say in mixed company. We were exposed to so many great people, as well as an extraordinary amount of new industry insight and new technologies. Arival brought together positive people that are innovative, active, and enterprising. This made the event not only educational and informative, but extremely positive and fun! We met people who have attended travel conferences for years that raved about how different, more effective, and impactful Arival was. We are excited to reach out to the many contacts that we met at the event, and put into practice the great knowledge and insight that we’ve learned. We can’t wait to attend Arival next year! 

Michael Hunter

Sunnyday Scoot

It was great to talk to other tour owners and amazing to hear from Expedia and Viator and other distributors to learn what we can do to be better partners with all of them. I found out about new things to help me benefit my business. 

Christy Lenz

Food Tours Atlanta

There is so much happening here, it has been a really great event. It is so great talking to operators and peers in the market from the U.S. and Europe. You basically brought everyone here so it is definitely much easier. 

Eric Gnock Fah


A highlight for me was getting some of the industry’s greatest professionals into one room and to be able to ask questions to them, questions that everyone wants to ask. 

Gina Fitzgerald


 Great first time conference. I got lots of great ideas and have already implemented a few. I also have a meeting set-up for next week with one of the sponsor companies. Thank you!

Annelaine Claus

Blazing Saddles Bike Rentals & Tours

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